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Fast Point

How does it work ?

FastPoint is a complete B2B solution to improve your customers experience. Shorten commuting in train or bus, offer an interactive guide in a museum, or display sales in a shop, possibilities are endless !

High bandwidth wifi

Large bandwidth Wifi

FastPoint implement Wifi spot in your location. Visitors have now access to a powerfull, fast local network.

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Wifi everywhere !

With our Wifi switch, your local network becomes much powerfull et can relay all kind of content. This is a true game changer for transportation : no more lack of network !

moyen de transport
Des médias par centaines

Hundred of medias

FastPoint broadcoast your own content and a selection of medias from our catalogue (videos, music, magasine and podcast).

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Movies, music, magasine, everything is possible !

You create your own media offer, from a large pannel of content, and broadcast it when you decide on your local network. You're in controle !

Médias FastPoint
Le confort de vos visiteurs

Digital comfort

Your visitors enjoy that new experience on their smartphone, without downloading from their own mobile plan.

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Entertain and please

Thanks to free Wifi, your visitors can access all content on your LAN. What they do is up to you ! They can watch a movie, listen to music, or get access to all sales your shop is doing right now. FastPoint fit all kind of activité or business plan.

Fidéliser et monétiser

Retain and monetize

You monetize that new local and digital trafic, with our offers, and switch content according to the result you get.

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You can broadcast your content for free, or sell it with micro-payement. You have access to detailed statistic (on site metrics, ROI etc) and can adapt your offer with a simple A/B split testing.

  • Aéroport
  • Bus
  • Centre commercial
  • Croisière
  • Train
  • Hotel
  • Musée
  • Office de tourisme
  • Stade
  • Parc d'attraction
  • Régie publicitaire
  • Station service

Exemple ?

With FastPoint, your users download their film or series in seconds, to watch it during their trip by train, bus, plane....

borne FastPoint

1-Find a FastPoint Spot

FastPoint network can be implemented anywhere, with a simple terminal that acts as a high-performance Wifi relay!

Télécharger un film FastPoint

2-Download your movie

A 2h film is downloaded in 20 seconds, a music album in 2 seconds: your users have only the embarrassment of choice !

profiter voyage

3-Enjoy the trip

Once the media is uploaded, the user views it whenever he wants, even if there is no 4G network or Wifi!

In addition to offering undeniable comfort to your client, you can monetize FastPoint in many ways (micro-payment for downloading a media, sales display, commercial display etc) !

I want a demo !

Deploy a FastPoint network

FastPoint is an all-in-one solution ! Discover how we improve the experience of your visitors and add value to your business model...

Let's go !


They are using our services and talk about it...

It's just awesome to download a movie so quickly ! It's a real game changer !

Charles AnnoniProject manager

A great idea for train commuting : a spot, three seconds waiting (top), and my movie is ready !

Brice MarieEngineer

Very convenient to check at files sent by my team on a local network. Recommand.

VincentTeam manager

They're already in business with us

  • orange
  • sita
  • metrobus
  • sncf

Your brand can also optimize the experience of its customers, offer more content to its visitors and monetize this new source of traffic!



Find here some more information about FastPoint and its applications !

What kind of media can I broadcoast ?

Any kind ! You can offer to download a three fold brochure, an audio guide, an app... All Mime type are accepted. You can also offer content available in our catalogue, for example to allow your customers to watch it as they wait during train commuting...

How is the LAN settled ?

Our teams install terminals connected to the FastPoint network in your premises, through the web. Thoses terminals, which can be managed from your back-office, enable broadcasting of any kind of media, when you decide. They guarantee a powerful wifi network and cover large spaces.

If the terminals are on a vehicle (bus, boat, plane) and that there are no network available, all media stored in your FastPoint HDD Spots will continue to be available.

What is on my user interface ?

You will find on your interface several sections allowing you to effectively control the broadcast of your contents. You can change your subscription plan, chose new media, select air time and date, the spots that will broadcast, and keep an eye on a lot of user metrics (CTR, user session time, downloaded content etc). Our solutions allow you to prioritise the most requested content, and adapt your catalogue to your target’s preferences.

How may I monetize the solution ?

FastPoint being connected to the Internet, anything is possible ! You can choose to monetize your traffic through affiliate programs, or offer videos as micro-payment. The traffic you have on your local network also offers you the possibility to rent advertising area, go for a CPM or CPC plan etc.

How do users access content ?

To access the content, your visitors can use their smartphone, on wich they can install the FastPoint app. It allows to access your local catalog, and launches push-notifications whenever you want to.

What if I need help ?

Our Technical Service is available by E-mail or by phone for any assistance request, and will be happy to guide you in the use of FastPoint !

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