Fastpoint services

Improve the experience of your visitors, boost your business !

From installation to delivery, everything is taken care of to guarantee an impeccable experience for you, as for your customers!

  • Airport
  • Bus
  • Mall
  • Cruise
  • Train
  • Hotel
  • Museum
  • Tourist office
  • Stadium
  • Fun park
  • Advertising
  • Gas station

Implementation of FastPoint

1- Network

Our technicians install high availability wifi terminals on your site (train station, shopping center, hotel, store etc), or deploy our solutions to your local network. Your visitors now have access to a powerful local network, with fast and wide bandwidth, available in large spaces. No more connectivity problems or downloads issues !


2- You choose your contents

We create your account, and you compose your catalog in minutes, among hundreds of media (films, music, magazines etc). You can also integrate your own elements (videos, pads, promotional offers, games). You manage terminals and contents from your user interface, and now have a new, fast and powerful communication tool.


3- Your visitors enjoy the medias

Your visitors connect automatically to the local network, and have access to a new source of entertainment. A film is downloaded in less than a minute, an album in seconds, and you broadcast important content at the most promising times for your activity(flash sales for eg) .

utilisateurs smartphone

4 - Trafic monetization

You adapt your content according to download statistics, dramatically improve the comfort of your visitors, and benefit from a new source of direct revenue through our monetization solutions (advertising, micro payments, online purchases etc). You have a new lever to capture the attention of your visitors and promote your commercial offers.

Statistiques utilisateurs

5 - Communication and display

We provide brochures, stands, banners and presentation tools for your new offer. FastPoint integrates with your brand in a flexible and fast way: everything remains simple ! (White labeling is possible, please contact us).


FastPoint opens the doors of the omni-channel experience

Thanks to our solutions, you can :

  • Optimize the experience of your users as soon as they are in your premises
  • Know in real time how clients react to your publications
  • Have brand new leverage to push your offers and services
  • Monetize traffic on your local network, with a complete turnkey solution

Fastpoint: the missing link between your digital presence and the passing of customers in your brand!

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