Tourist office
Fastpoint in a tourist office

FastPoint, in a tourist office

Shorten waiting time and improve the tourist experience by offering content for download !

For your customers

  • Discover : tourists can quickly discover the best offers of your region, thanks to the web portal available in your tourist office.
  • More time : no need to line up at the counter ! Information is available immediately, on a simple smartphone !
  • Discounts : the portal allows you to present the best commercial offers of your local partners and advertisers !

For you

  • Productivité : your reception agents can focus on other tasks, such as exploring or building partnerships with local actors.
  • Advertising : you broadcast advertising on your local network, on behalf of your partners (taxis, hotels, amusement parks etc). You Monetize this ad with our solution at cost per click, or internally with your own professional network.
  • Local shop promotion : broadcast the promotions of local stands and shops. You are also free to monetize as you see fit.

You can also request customized applications from our development team !

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  • Airport
  • Bus
  • Mall
  • Cruise
  • Train
  • Hotel
  • Tourisme
  • Tourism office
  • Stadium
  • Fun park
  • Display
  • Gas station

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