parc d'attraction
Fastpoint in a fun park

FastPoint, in a fun park

Generate interaction to improve your clients’ engagement and experience.

For your customers

  • Reduce waiting time : time spent in queues can be used to watch a video, discover an attraction, or view any type of media. You decide !
  • Infos : you broadcast a lot of information about your park (map, list of shops, location of the nearest toilets etc). No more brochure, everything can pass on a digital format !
  • Sales : the best offers of the shops of the park are presented on the local network. No more searching for the right plans, everything is presented on the smartphone, with, why not, an access plan...

For you

  • More sales : the possibility to display current promotions on the local network, or via a Push notification, allows to boost the ROI of your shops.
  • Your content : your media catalogue is available free of charge, with Premiums content that you monetize with micro-payment. You have a new source of revenue.
  • Quality of service : écourtez les temps d’attentes dans les files est une véritable valeur ajoutée. Less boredom, more fun ! Your customers will keep only good memories of that day !

You can also request customized applications from our development team !

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  • Airport
  • Bus
  • Mall
  • Cruise
  • Train
  • Hotel
  • Tourisme
  • Tourism office
  • Stadium
  • Fun park
  • Display
  • Gas station

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