Fastpoint on a cruise

FastPoint, during a cruise

Your ship will never be dependent on a satellite connection again...

For your customers

  • A powerfull LAN : no more satellite issues. By embarking a FastPoint terminal, you take all your contents wherever you go!
  • Medias : the FastPoint network broadcast many multi-media content. Films, series, books and magazines, the download is ultra-fast and is done in a click! Each content is stored on the smartphone, and can be viewed even without network coverage.
  • Real time infos : Wifi network allows you to broadcast a lot of information about the life on board (animations, ports of call etc).

For you

  • A must have : FastPoint updates as soon as the network is available, and maintains a persistent WiFi connection for all users
  • Your content : your media catalogue is available free of charge, with Premiums content that you monetize with micro-payment. You have a new source of revenue.
  • Communication tool : your local network allows you to broadcast all types of information, including advertising promotions that you negotiate with local advertisers.

technologies certifiées IEC 60945, DNV 2.4 et IACS E10

You can also request customized applications from our development team !

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  • Airport
  • Bus
  • Mall
  • Cruise
  • Train
  • Hotel
  • Tourisme
  • Tourism office
  • Stadium
  • Fun park
  • Display
  • Gas station

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