Fastpoint in an bus

FastPoint, in a bus or bus station

Relaxing during a bus ride is possible with FastPoint!

For your customers

  • Real time information : your customers can now consult the arrival and departure tables as soon as they arrive at the bus station.
  • Medias : the FastPoint network broadcast many multi-media content. Films, series, books and magazines, the download is ultra-fast and is done in a click! Each content is stored on the smartphone, and can be viewed even without network coverage.
  • Online booking : the Wifi network allows you to take your ticket directly on the internet, or through the application. Smartphone becomes a practical and playful tool for every traveller...

For you

  • A must have : FastPoint becomes necessary for your users, and the traffic generated on the local network is a major lever to communicate effectively !
  • Micro-payments : your media catalogue is available free of charge, with Premiums content that you monetize with micro-payment. You have a new source of revenue.
  • Business with advertisment agencies : your network and on-site traffic becomes a new medium for the ad boards you work with. You Monetize at subscription or cost per click.

EN50155-TX certified technologies

You can also request customized applications from our development team !

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  • Airport
  • Bus
  • Mall
  • Cruise
  • Train
  • Hotel
  • Tourisme
  • Tourism office
  • Stadium
  • Fun park
  • Display
  • Gas station

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