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A brand new experience for your customers, a new way to boost your sales !

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  • Airport
  • Bus
  • Mall
  • Cruise
  • Train
  • Hotel
  • Museum
  • Tourist office
  • Stadium
  • Fun park
  • Advertising
  • Gas station

Exemple ?

With FastPoint, your users download their film or series in seconds, to watch it during their trip by train, bus, plane....

borne FastPoint

1-Find a FastPoint Spot

FastPoint network can be implemented anywhere, with a simple terminal that acts as a high-performance Wifi relay!

Télécharger un film FastPoint

2-Download your movie

A 2h film is downloaded in 20 seconds, a music album in 2 seconds: your users have only the embarrassment of choice !

profiter voyage

3-Enjoy the trip

Once the media is uploaded, the user views it whenever he wants, even if there is no 4G network or Wifi!

In addition to offering undeniable comfort to your client, you can monetize FastPoint in many ways (micro-payment for downloading a media, sales display, commercial display etc) !

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Deploy a FastPoint network

FastPoint is an all-in-one solution ! Discover how we improve the experience of your visitors and add value to your business model...

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Your brand can also optimize the experience of its customers, offer more content to its visitors and monetize this new source of traffic!


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Download the App

Would you like to have a demonstration of the FastPoint experience ? Download the app for your iPhone or Android smartphone, and discover immediately what FastPoint brings to your customers !

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