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Fastpoint in gas-station

FastPoint, in a gas station

A serene driver is also a driver whose children are not bored...

For your customers

  • Peace of mind : a journey that lasts, it is a source of boredom. And a child who gets bored, it is sometimes difficult to manage. FastPoint allows to download any type of media, very quickly (a 2 hour film is downloaded in less than 2 minutes). Dad can drive relaxed, while children watch a movie in the back...
  • Infos : FastPoint can display information related to highway traffic, a weather point, and any detail that can help with the trip.
  • Sales : A stop at a gas station is also an opportunity to do some shopping. Local network allows to display current promotions.

For you

  • More sales : the possibility to present current promotions on the local network, or via a Push notification, allows to boost the ROI of the station.
  • Your content : your media catalogue is available free of charge, with Premiums content that you monetize with micro-payment. You have a new source of revenue.
  • Quality of service : the ability to download multi-media content is an acquisition lever in itself, as waiting time is a strong constraint for passengers.

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