Fastpoint in an airport

FastPoint, in an airport

Here’s a glimpse of what FastPoint brings to your visitors when they are in your terminal...

For your customers

  • Media assets : your customers can now download movies, music, magazines, watch them while waiting, or record them to enjoy them during their trip...
  • Useful informations : every airport is different, and maybe your visitors would like to have a quick view of a local map ? No problem with FastPoint !
  • Guide and howto : your customers can access informations about their trip, as they wait for their plane.

For you

  • Micro payments : select multimedia content as free products, and sell premium content with micro-payment.
  • Advertising : broadcast advertising on your local network, on behalf of travel agencies and other service providers (taxis, car rental, hotels etc)
  • Promote local shops : broadcast the promotions of local stands and shops. Monetize at cost per click through an auction system.

You can also request customized applications from our development team !

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  • Aéroport
  • Bus
  • Centre commercial
  • Croisière
  • Train
  • Hotel
  • Musée
  • Office de tourisme
  • Stade
  • Parc d'attraction
  • Régie publicitaire
  • Station service

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